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Residential Electrical Service Size Calculator

Residential Electrical Service Size Calculator (Canada)
UPDATED TO 2012 CEC, Part 1

Enter home data into the 9 boxes in the "data" column.
As data are entered, the form calculates results in real time.

Important: Read the Terms of Use!

row CEC rule info items data calc's. watts
01 note Select: m2 ft.2 Step 1. Basement Floor Area:    
02 8-110(c) Revised Basement Floor Area in m2 »
0 m2
03 8-110(a),(b) Select: m2 ft.2 Step 2. Add'l Floor Areas Combined:    
04   Conversion of row 3 value into m2 »
0 m2
05 8-110(a),(b),(c) Total Floor Area for Demand Calculation in m2 »
0 m2
06 8-200(1)(a)(i),(ii) Watts Assigned To Above Total Floor Area »
0 W
07 8-200(1)(a)(iii) Step 3. Space Heating Loads: W    
08 62-116(1),(2) Space Heat Watts Revised »
0 W
09 8-200(1)(a)(iii) Step 4. Air-Conditioning Loads: W    
10 8-106(4) Step 5. Check box if space heat and air-conditioning can be on simultaneously =>    
11   Watts Assigned To Space Heat and AC Loads »
0 W
12   Step 6. Electric Range: W    
13 8-200(1)(a)(iv) Watts Assigned To Electric Range »
0 W
14 8-200(1)(a)(v) Step 7. Water Heaters: Tankless Water Heaters; Water Steamers; Pool, Tub & Spa Water Heaters: W  
0 W
15 8-200(1)(a)(vi) Step 8. Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Loads: W  
0 W
16 8-200(1)(a)(vii) Step 9. Additional Loads: With Rating Greater Than 1500 Watts: W    
17 8-200(1)(a)(vii) Watts Assigned To Additional Loads »
0 W
0 W
0 A
20 8-200 Minimum Service Amps:
21 Table 2 or 4 Hot Conductor Size:
22   Meter Base Rating:
23 Table 13 Main Fuse / Breaker:
24 10-812 Service Grounding Conductor:
25 Table 41 Service Bonding Jumper:
26 Table 6 Service Conduit Size (threaded, rigid metal):
27 8-108 Service Panel Size (minimum):

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Our promise is to adhere to Electrical Code, and the regulations set out by the utility providers and the municipalities we serve. Your safety is our priority and work being done right ensures you and your family is protected.


Living up to our promises is easy, we say what we do and do what we say. 97% satisfaction were not perfect but we try. If it is not done right we work to make it right!

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Providing expert residential electrical service, repair, and installations for over 10 years. We take pride in offering honesty, integrity, and transparency to all of the homes we serve!

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24/7 Electric™ is pleased to announce we are authorized dealers of Gemstone® Lights.

Our trained installers are licensed and insured, ready to enhance your home with permanent outdoor LED lighting. The hidden track design is easily secured to the fascia or soffit and the sleek low voltage HUB is installed on the exterior of the home. 

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