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Buried Panel

Making things work for “right now” costs us more in the end.

  • Date: Oct 2020
  • Client: NW Calgary
  • Project Type: Buried Panel

About this Project

We often do not even realize that a part of our homes major systems may be at risk, until catastrophe strikes, it stops working or you have to sell your home.

  • Partially Buried
  • Outdated
  • Safety Concern
  • Does not meet Electrical Code

Many regulations are in place to ensure that during the sale or purchase of a home, the major components of a homes’ operating system are functioning properly. 

This homeowner was unaware that his electrical panel did not meet the electrical code and was the ultimate reason for the delay in the sale of his home.  After a thorough home inspection was performed this and multiple other electrical concerns came to light. We were called to get  this NW Calgary homes’ electrical system ready for sale.

When replacing panels that are 30+ years old, we run into many issues that can make the installation of the new panel difficult. If the electrical panel is enclosed in some manner or smaller than the replacement, damage to the surrounding area is inevitable.

Working to minimize the damage and to forego the larger cost of moving the panel; the homeowner made the decision to change the adjoining wall. This gave us the space we needed to install the new panel as per the Canadian Electrical Code and ensure it passed inspection with the City of Calgary.


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